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Social Media Error
Yesterday our team was doing some awesome research – not just research, but awesome research. What were we researching? Snow resorts, social media and marketing. Who want’s to make a bet there was several occurrences of #fail? We do!

However, the snow resorts fails weren’t what stood out… what stood out was how two of Montana’s resorts made Ski Area Management’s list of social media worsts (the offenders will be named in a moment). Dead serious! We can’t make this stuff up.

But why?

Well for starters, the majority of businesses worldwide are still grappling with social media, trust us, it’s not just a local thing. Then there are others who wear the “don’t care and don’t see the value in it” sweater. To wear a thread a like that, well… is a fashion faux pas. We also have the ones who do it because, “My competitor is on it” or “Everyone else is doing it”. If that reason gets you involved in social media,  – GREAT!!  But really….
your business should be tackling social media because of it’s priceless ability to interact with the people who support your business.

Just give a damn! – Gary Vaynerchuck

It’s time your business gave a damn! Your customers will tweet, Facebook, blog and YouTube until they are blue in the face and if you aren’t connecting with them – you’re potentially missing out on revenue. The communication channels are now two-way, if you won’t interact with your consumer because you believe they should be listening for your message or because you don’t believe social media is worth it, then they will go to a business that will.

It’s Just Business:

The business benefits of properly maintaining your social media are enormous. Gallatin Airport is the 2nd most popular airport in the state, in terms of visitors. The direct flights come from San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and now moving towards a NYC direct flight, all with very large amounts of Twitter users. These demographics that use Twitter like social businesses and that’s who they purchase from. By understanding the economic value in this, we can visualize the importance in in Twitter, and subsequently… all social media.

Lets provide you with this data:

  • 51% of mom’s with smartphones admit to being addicted (Twitter was just fully integrated into the newest iOS for iPhone – with over 100M iPhones sold, that’s potentially 100M tweeters) – Source: BabyCenter

  • iPhone users have an expendable income of $200/unit minimum and $80/month minimum for service

  • 35% of smartphone users say they check apps before getting out of bed – Source: Ericsson Consumer Lab

  • 79% of all moms in the U.S. with children under the age of 18 are active in social media Source: NPG Group

  • The majorty of moms sleep with their smartphones next to their beds and more than half check their phones first thing in the morning. (The mom is often considered the CPO – Chief Purchasing Officer – of the family) Source: BabyCenter

  • Twitter users include celebrities, industry professionals from every industry, jetsetters, youth, moms, dads and every demographic you could possibly imagine. (But not my Grandpa, he still uses DSL – Why, DOUG, WHY!!!?)

If ‘Tweeter A’ from NYC is asking the Twitterverse about the best places to ski couldn’t our nearest and dearest resorts be there to help? By understanding how to interact with the user the resorts can address these tweets. Interaction can put the brand name into the tweeters mind – the seed is now started. From here, research on the users part can help them to understand if said resort is a viable solution to their ski vacationing needs. The resorts warm embrace of Twitter is helpful to the community as well – because if they engage and interact in the correct manner with the potential consumer, that potential consumer can find easy access to our great valley which means, they stay at a local hotel, they eat at a local restaurant and they purchase goods from local shops… all because one resort “Gave a damn” about social media. Are your local resorts understanding the value?

Ask Bridger Bowl and Lookout Pass!

Bridger Bowl:

At the time of this report they followed 51 and had 531 followers. We can tell you that half the fun in Twitter is reading the tweets by the people you follow. By focusing less on your brand and more on your followers you open the channels of communication, which is fun. There is something fun about your favorite business talking with you. Consider their tweets from February 15th to at least March 9th - there are only 5. By tweeting more, you create desire – you present the idea that you are available to the consumer on the platform they choose. The user thinks, “Epic, they give a damn I’m gonna tweet them about the snow levels!” What makes us point this out is that as Bozeman residents and people in the marketing industry, we have high hopes for Bozeman businesses to lead the way to becoming more social – we hope that the trend starts at our beloved local mountains. [caption id="attachment_971" align="aligncenter" width="511" caption="No Engagement with the Consumer"]Worst Social Media Marketing by a Ski Resort[/caption]

Lookout Pass:

The folks at Lookout Pass might have followed more and had information for the consumer to use – weather details, etc- but telling people not to forget the season pass sale was so passe. 1996 called, they want their one-way, interuptive advertising back… All joking aside, where was the connection with the fan base? They weren’t chatting with anyone in particular, it was one size fits all tweeting.

Worst Social Media Ski Resorts

Have they improved?

We have to credit Lookout for the increased tweeting action and updated profile from the previous, more generic Twitter background to something more branded, yet we’d like to see more engaging of the fans (they matter!) Bridger Bowl has a great amount of followers, but a low Klout score. This means that they aren’t producing content that anyone is talking about. For the sake of clarification, you know the audience is being engaged when tweets look like this, “@username comment text goes here”. The current tweets are one-way and universal, which is a classic one-size-fits-all concept, but the consumer doesn’t like this. By monitoring Twitter efficiently, the resort could really gain some Klout and effectively use Twitter. [caption id="attachment_975" align="aligncenter" width="516" caption="2011 Twitter Profile for Lookout Pass in Montana."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_976" align="aligncenter" width="475" caption="Bridger Bowl's Twitter Profile 2011"][/caption] After seeing these examples, what do you think of your own Twitter profile? Do changes need to be made? Are you already engaging people openly and testing new ideas via Twitter? We promise, it can be loads of fun. You may make relationships you never knew you could! classic book classic tweets  ]]>