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Here at Classic Ink, we LOVE the Holidays. 

We get to enjoy great print and web design year round, but this time of year, we get to turn our epic eyes for design onto everything from crafty home decor, to holiday greetings, to gifts, to food.  Below are our 12 favorite creative and well-designed pieces of eye candy from the web for the holidays that you can mostly do yourself (although we’re always happy to help with the concept and layout of YOUR OWN brilliant ideas!) :


appOn the first day of Christmas, my designer gave to me TWELVE iPhone App Magnets!







On the second day of Christmas, my designer gave to me ELEVEN Gorgeous Cookies!  

Designs and even photographs transferred to edible paper!  Many grocery stores do this, including our local Albertson’s.  Awesome!  OH – and this great company has pre-printed edible paper designs.

Royal Icing – we CANNOT say enough about the decorating capabilities of royal icing.  Here is a recipe for it.

No DIY here….GO CRAZY!  But here is some inspiration:


On the third day of Christmas, my designer gave to me cardTEN Brilliant Tags and Cards!

Chipboard cards!   Scrap paper cards!

Paint chip cards!   Printed tags!

Snowman Typography Card!   3D cards!

Hand stitched tags!   Cutout tags!

Cookie tags!   Topiary tags!


On the fourth day of Christmas, my designer gave to me NINE wrapCreative Wrappings!

Who needs red and green?!  We LOVE kraft paper!

Kraft snowman wrap!   Romantic wrappings!   Stamps!

Pink and red are Christmasy too!   Make a scene of it!

Ultra creative toppers!  Newsprint!   Wax Seals!



On the fifth day of Christmas, my designer gave to me EIGHT Christmas Decorations!

Cranberries and Juniper Centerpiece!cran

Our kind of tree!

Save the trees, Make your own!

Pistachio Topiary!

Creative Ornaments!

Ideas for Mini Designers!

 Lit up Christmas Art!

Gingerbread House – HOMEMADE!


On the sixth day of Christmas, my designer gave to me SEVEN Tasteful Wreaths!




On the seventh day of Christmas, my designer gave to me SIX Saweet Candle Holders!

candle h1candlecandle2







On the eighth day of Christmas, my designer gave to me FIVE Fabulous Appetizers!

 The Pinecone Cheeseball!      The Tree Cheeseboard!    Chocolate Cherries!


Caprese Wreath!                                Olive Platter Wreath!


On the ninth day of Christmas, my designer gave to me FOUR Christmas Cocktails!martini

Homemade Cherry Cordial – yes please!

Eggnog Martini – NOT an eggnog fan, here…but my love of Martinis takes over and I want to try it!

Mint and Chip – yes, I’d love some candy with my liquor!

Cinnamon Apple Manhattan – wow, they just made a Manhattan even BETTER!

On the tenth day of Christmas, my designer gave to me THREE Industrial Gift Ideas.

We LOVE these!  They are so clean, and industrial, and…just..COOL!

A Bike Brake Rotor Clock!                                Cement Coasters!


shelfWe’re going to go ahead and ‘shelf’ these ideas for later…







On the eleventh day of Christmas, my designer gave to me TWO Knitted Scarves!

Arm knitting – WOW!




Knitting, straight up, it’s easier than you think!




On the twelfth day of Christmas, my designer gave to me ONE Hanging Wall Art!

Whether you grab some blank canvas and paints from Michaels, or Modge-Podge your photos to wood, channel your inner Picasso here!




Wishing you Joy, Family, and Creativity this Holiday Season!  From all of us at Classic Ink.