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We hear it a lot from clients: they want to launch their site or company now, because it’s important to get their product or service out there. IT IS FOR SURE! But as much as it might be tempting to start right now and fix later – a fine tuned message with design is crucial to success. In the long run, it will save time and money.

In an age of startups, what differentiates you from the rest? How is your local, artisan food company different from the next local, artisan food company? What will make your target customers stop in their tracks and consider YOU, above the rest? We believe targeted messaging and design entices customers to truly engage with you.

Let’s consider projects on Kickstarter. The most quickly funded projects have strong visuals and to-the-point descriptions of what the project is. Today’s smart and research driven consumers must be provided with the most important and necessary information, delivered in the the most appealing package.


Our advice: articulate your purpose, visualize your product or company in the marketplace, and reinforce why your idea is the right one.


First, articulate your purpose.

How is your product or company different from others in its category?

Why should people care? Why do YOU care?

Elevator speech. This should be easy for you. Go.


Next, visualize.

What feeling should people have when they engage with your company?

Who is your ideal customer?

Where will your product or company be in five years?

What visuals do you think of when you imagine your company? (A cozy room, an Italian café, a hardscrabble mountaintop — anything that communicates your message in visual form.)


Lastly, ask yourself if this is the right idea.

Do you have arresting visuals with smart messaging?

Is your product or company successfully differentiated from others in its category?

Your message is the voice of your project and the design is the face that speaks it. With your visualization and careful consideration of who you want your product or service to be, we can design the personality that people will want to form a lasting relationship with.